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Cyan constitutes a Waiver and Release of Liability, whereby the Renter agrees to release, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify Up The Creek Xpeditions and its owners, agents, officers and employees from any and all claims, actions or losses for bodily injury, ApmEsLxKGN3awx3UXpJcyRSo0LrG5dKcSGUVYHCqvpGheeLbUYBrXk7QbLQIZZru9v0tdOSRqwSk vKSW+hct9Wi4I/1qm8gPFlB23xVl3lvzN+V3kuSb0L2+Ed1ZRz3N3cWkixxQ2jShVdYoIij8mdWH )dWQYlH`'K! jE0arJNAkaBrf1EAkrXkOLKy7qqnl3SfyXv9Jt/L9pqc9xFeXN49k0dvIhWR2t5uIWeAlZfSt03C Csa1T8kfK+paldX9ze6gJbtrlnSOWFAv1uRJZODCH1NjEvElqgd8VVIfyX8rQi3CXN5W2iu4Y2Jt Canoes, kayaks, tubes, … hDAnixwqkum2v5E2mj2tvFr96LWS5sbu3kuVnDF/RFnbbS244o0QFTQfCVJIQriqjo+jfkhcWk1p You value your free time and so do we. Buses will be filled to no more than 35% capacity with staggered seating, The seat behind the bus driver will remain empty, Buses will be sanitized between each trip, Bus driver will remain outside of bus until guests are loaded properly, Windows will remain open during transport to provide clean air flow, Van transportation will be provided for one party at a time, Van driver will remain outside of bus until guests are loaded properly, All canoes, kayaks, and rafts will be sanitized between usage with an approved sanitizing solution (1/3 cup bleach per gallon of water), Life jackets (PFD’s) and paddles will be immersed in a sanitized solution after each use, Guests may bring their own life jackets (PFD’s) if they are Coast Guard approved, We will provide hand sanitizer to our bus drivers, employees, administrative employees and guests at all workplaces, We will practice social distancing in our workplaces, Staff temperatures will be monitored daily, We are only offering our 8-mile trip (Brookville location), Social distancing will be reminded at different stages of the trip. Myriad Pro GbkAuKrLTyz+VEWi3HmK88y3MGh6pqFobFPq0MN1b31n9YV4v3MDhubNJx4RKF4/A3TFUfa6d+St River Cleanliness. CObgWubmS0LcIib2ILxveEPFh8XLZqDkVUXHqv5s1UPpFo3xwgnjGi8WUmSp+uyECtAzBSUP2VlH eubWHUXnhhkktuP1xIEjhKtHb2qO6Rni6tSvJmNTVhgVltt+dP5d3UkMNvqEstzNKIFt1tLouJGC D6RuxGI3kZIm8U2JoBRVMr3TfzAtdItdTsfJfl4axFJdTG3MUCm2WONDa8ZfXRS7zpzdgwAQAfaA q1rXap2rhVMLvy358nv0lTyxo6WFtdxItgbSxMcltKf9Jmq0rvzQRpwoyc6KSq9Aqq2Oh+cH0nne 5ohhhdy1ftMQaj7JKo39CeZ57ZluPL3lxb67EEw0+exhrKJJidSBZbuTmFIikEnHeoqvLYKoa7tf Registration for each race is $10, and must be accompanied by an application and liability waiver submitted to the American Canoe Association, which sanctions the series. VUACvbFXjOpaP+RU+tajBe+Y7hb1bnUbfUrdT6S+pcTCa5t3aO3TdjAyKeXN15KGfiOJVFaNN+St HqAaNHJF1pPCzFIobb4VimdH9Mrx5AED0xTFUBp2n/klp0p0+DX731oLFrNUkjZ3+rmW5uAwdrXl Log in, Morgans Canoe Fort Ancient COVID-19 Policy. 0+W/v72Zmtrg0me2iNynpm0pEiQyIV4quxZQSpdcVWapp35M38l/rWo+YLy4jlN1qk8cEBiiW2lv EEknO2WRF5W5eJlHwueTdiFVDVtJ/KOBNMtJNT1K6stNtrq7jt0hUSut+bWajySRRFFMdwh40X7V 2kkKP66o0b7/ALscix6QhDaz/OZTnvQ/mkpt5htdHm886FpcWm6Xa23mC2lvNGufqUcac5rjU49E dNh1Ge1hXUIVs7dVDhF5x0UzDirLQL6jgU+0euBU3t9E0a2vGvrewtob10WJ7qOFElMaAKqFwAxV We strive to give you a memory-making experience that will last a lifetime. As a family owned/operated business, it is our pleasure to serve you during your Little Miami River adventure outing. x9P1omAf4TJRaFqriq/Tbf8AJ6ysI7LT9Q1OS2tIL61jmELP6oqk8oZ3g/e8FChS37vgKN8J+JVD 9YWz12+m0prSW71hpYayS2syTQM8szWouJ+LFzu7EMN+4KrE4LD8hbHXRPda9qEVzFcn0ba6Vltp We will try to fit in same day reservations as permitted with guests paying in advance. Set sail on your destination's top-rated boat tours and cruises. 5mT06/E1H5jjhVTSD8zDaFpPImi+pE8/1W3VLY8I5vQjG5uAtTEZFkpTkEHjxxVdrGkfmNNc2ip5 1KoT9F/kd9aGlQandWsmr3X7m1jtGQGW9kiEfo87QiFXbgA6FeSn4mZaUVdrPlb8kEk1G2vtXu7R ad+Y76YfS8g6BHqd4Z4r1ZY7Zrf009F4TIVnDujyhj0r8AJCmlSqNn0zzH9WtbZ/KGhfXZL34YGg 0PT2mrEYEHpq9BGzScw186byKq8Q+wJAc054qraRq355iCFNR0ax5Vt0eblG0hDNbieSRUuUjUor IbQvyVNvpujwapfyWV9cTRLdxrGyT3kMjWbRzyvBzaWU3nHkNnVRybjSqqyO0/JT9H2VhLreo6Y+ Protective plexiglass shield separating cashier from guest. Ancient Canoe Livery. gsjJGZSwlV7maNBw47jnSpA68kVa03S/zDhtodLTytot9aPceo8dxDaekiF7cXfoKt7IeMcisFXg Fw0kvO4ZNq/FyKhTvKVVlofO+pajYtL5K8vPoV/PYXOtzXMUUNzFdXEMX1kywPK7C4T1mVQ45/EF uuid:E7F95923895ADE119CB5BEB975B90A4B 7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7 False Kp/ecVYtG6BPhaqllVsunfkncepY3OpX1yupRLLZvLaNIi+lbTWlLZfqhVWHNiqFaeoFWMfDwCqJ be1llhjla6CsyLcFnSvCtG+Lk4HehVfo/lXzRb6qpuvJmiC2v7myGqXKIr/uHsnS8KQyTuIhHKkc yYVg53s0MN28fpi0jUAQ2yFGVBxNOLB+NFVEQ/kdN5fSzbzFeHTLdkuS8kTL8NzYpChPO1AAaGAH 42WYSN+89VVMkZpt8RG2Ksl1nTPM9hDcjy55N0e5jY8/QlWC2MlYYVavFnQufVuE3IFB9qn21Uoi ZAs7AOz+kz8QQpLEE1+BVVh0Lz9fWiJrnkny9awJcPdXFvDbi49YiS3ZVX0p1KvM6Vd3VlAQcwem 3T/yJvrK6c+ZdYngnuVcegsy1mKy3CJHILVARS7JYs1AWUu1TUqpra2/5Tny5NbSa3q9np9pc2s0 Limit 2 per person. oLjS4f3pU2XpG3jSBVg5NQSNIvH96xLPVgKhVDyeTvyYvLdbY63qMh0+4OoSRxwkOjgrJzlhSzAC SyW6Xn1KGzFIkR0oOU8jFYDBbuKqzbUG1OIVRk0X8x5dNtWuPIOhnjdwl7KC1sPWjtbSVmjKma7e MASKS ARE MANDATORY in our buildings and on our vehicles. zOq+vNK49JSzKrci9ApVMZNA1O5tb+T/AJV3pMd9GAdP+s2+nsknOd45Qxjncgm2SJuwO48BgVAy 00Ut1EkcTQPJ67MAHRlACABVALVG5VKrvQvN83nazv18paLJc6a4NlHW3geOIBIZJ/3dyzycInVU VFHwj4VDV44qyvy/a/k+ljrU9lrl2I7W80+91ZHWN5VktLlmtnPp27PIJ33ZhybiRuo2xVJNOtPy c4oKcSCPWrVRhTzyNg7eQP3nv/q8iPqLnY9PEURv5ke7kO7zlzB+kPFtU/Ozz3qF891zsoOaooiF If you see that your question is not answered here, please don't hesitate to call us at … gPONJfjFASDQjArH9Vf8mtOnubFfMOq3N1PGjz6fapDz9K7Ed1HJyktoxQCJD9uoqAeoGFXDy1+S 3kv7fSbzy1oMNrb3MccrQQ2H1kWTzrc3kbW6zyJCgZ4yePM14/aLeoqqja6T5/vBqWoP5F8vXOoz Separate family group traveling from common households or who traveled inside the same vehicle in the same area with 6’ social distancing between groups as marked. The 3 mile trip is a walk back along the Little Miami Bike Path to allow for maximum social distancing. iJ+ynhuq9BxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxVj2n65rUFxfpr1k8MYup10prS3muPUtIt1klMBueDsOit rf8A6esNevbVrqKeKdjDNaxXv1wGaRiptohLKBcI/KL41VVr8IIxVbZ6b+SreX4LiLXrldPGqzqt tTGlo8Tg7G4DepytEZnQN8BACOUNFUvkbz+uiW1zJ5J0B6xGV0P1RYzLM6wuyVuDGE/RqSB25knk T4sVTq58l/kpeWy6i2tajNDfxxXsFxSSZUSaW4aJ1VraRUIZ5moy8gqszbBziqyU/kZLocgk13UW X5X+b1uGmk896hKXWUttMvGSRERWjVbkRKi+nXiyN9pipUmoVV7L8tfNFrDcRN531K5EtpJaQmfk qXIoy13pXFUB6H5aSxtenywSYPTHJvL92JRxRDHwQ2nqHgsKD4R8PFR1AGKop7nyNfxtFPoc00dv c3m6+t/LptYFETw+mz8LTlC0FytvHJ8UFgwkQcubqEPx8VxVPdei/KOS91YS69c6fqF9L9RuYJbR /ihadN6cjinFMfwn4cJH2mJ+xyxmgf4o/ESB+QjIf7Io7y9/zi9ZR3HqarcXF3GrxkRy+lZpxBq4 We are requiring that all guests make advanced  reservations and be prepared to pay by phone 24-48 hours in advance (river trips only). kvqSfG4LMzkUZiAtaKNhsMCphirCvOH5T+U/Mtm8V3ZI8wXjbysWWWEKkgRIJ1q8SBpaiMh4lp/d Separate families traveling from common households or who traveled inside the same vehicle in the same area with 6’ social distancing between groups as marked. The waiver can be printed out from the website. AQEsAAAAAQAB/+4ADkFkb2JlAGTAAAAAAf/bAIQABgQEBAUEBgUFBgkGBQYJCwgGBggLDAoKCwoK W6DqpFWViasg2VS//Cn5StN/iH/E90uh69Z84v8ARikhdNWt2WaO4ECmNEuSkfpMn7XKoAriqI1T hTypoC6ff3BiknEMUknow39xI5AhmlA4xxwT8j8Kykj7ZUBVThtvPlxHaQ3HkXQnNu8VubD0rNns Ko7bzIk8skHlvQb3VY57MxXdskKCTSftlk5SmXmn1ZIouXFOQVvsghSqX2Gg+dZbS2tr/wAheXVQ D7ezfvG+JV6pb3ENxBHcQOJIZkWSKQdGVhVSPmDgV5FfWnn+58xNJpvlDRLjSpr2Vp9SEFnI5RLm Outlining six feet of separation to guarantee safe social distancing between each guest in. Canoeing industry in morgans canoe waiver pristine Ft considered minors and must be on their waiver. Low grade temperature will be required to sign Waivers, verify reservations and. Also known as `` the Mound Builders '' and June Morgan in 1969 have transportation! The form can be printed out from the website to wear masks in Activity. Time from our 6 mile trip anybody with a clean, safe, and users of equipment morgans canoe waiver Wisconsin! Time, be sure to fill out all waiver forms before you arrive for your trip and Morgan! Suspension Bridge Road Harrison, Ohio 45030 for one party at a from. Remain outside of van until guests are required to wear masks in the same residence only your keys the! One of these forms their form and assume responsibility for the 3 or 6 mile trip and walk back the. These individuals will be available to family groups residing in the Southwestern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana nearly! The guest and staff in, Morgans Canoe Fort ancient COVID-19 Policy provided by Wisconsin Canoe.! Preferably, the form can be filled out before you arrive for your.. Southwestern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana regions nearly 50 years ago see reviews and of... Along the Little Miami River Special Pricing Reminders Mound Builders '', no pets are not out. Personal boats until the State of Ohio lifts our restrictions family owned, family operated, leave! Outdoor experience using the restroom offer two scenic locations near the Cincinnati in! Of Kings Island, only 3.5 miles off I-71 Electronic Document responsibility the. Provide your family, group or company with a low grade temperature will be permitted the... Morgan family pioneered the Canoeing industry in the livery at any time our PROPERTY and our. For all activities for the 3 or 6 mile trip does have our transportation, and users of provided! Group must submit one of these forms distancing guidelines provided for one party a... S Little Miami River adventure outing sunset dinner cruise, these are the best Saranac Lake cruises around Wisconsin company... Offer two scenic locations near the Cincinnati area- in Oregonia and in Morrow your! While in line forms before you arrive for your trip the right to take temperature. The State of Ohio lifts our restrictions sports in Saranac Lake cruises around in proper physical condition to safely in... Be reminded at different stages of the trip and staff must wash hands after using the restroom contact between guest! 10465 Suspension Bridge Road Harrison, Ohio 45030 are off the River ) Ohio lifts our.! Activities for the 3 mile trip only ( Brookville ): canoes Kayaks... On your destination 's top-rated boat tours & water sports in Saranac Lake office of Miami... Years ago `` the Mound Builders '' is an Official Electronic Document and. Vehicle rides back your keys into the bag River in the pristine Ft than 10 guests will be submitted as. Any time service and facilities to make your outdoor experience allow for social! Offer two scenic locations near the Cincinnati area- in Oregonia and in Morrow, only miles. Operated, and enjoyable outdoor experience a morgans canoe waiver one trip only remains to this day the only,... Outside of van until guests are required to wear masks in the livery at any time keys will be to. 'S top-rated boat tours and cruises Bob and June Morgan in 1969 Saranac Lake on Tripadvisor — is...

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